Day 12 – The State Has Failed

Based on the belief in it’s idealistic potentials Karachi based entrepreneur and businessman Khurram Kasim started collecting artworks from a very young age. The art collector who is in the third generation on the board of directors of various companies of the family concerned Hasham Group received us at his house in Clifton.

Entrepreneur and art collector Khurram Kasim

Khurram gave us a very warm welcome in his big huge house where he hosts a private collection of contemporary Pakistani art. The collection is not unlike the house huge and big, as a matter of fact one of the largest accumulations of contemporary art in Pakistan and it is skilled. Skilled is the knowledge about the way a city like Karachi works or, closer to our ways of thinking and understanding, disfunctions.

Khurram Kasim has his own approaches on the idea on how Karachi’s continuous progression guarantees a dynamic art scene of constant development: education first!

Since Karachi has transformed during decades from a small old fashioned harbour town into one of the biggest cities in the world (latest counts lead up to 18 million people) the clichees and rankings about Pakistan beeing one of the cheapest countries in the world or Karachi as one of the world’s least livable cities slam the image of the people down.

When it comes to women’s issues we talk about a complex political, societal and religious constraint – Pakistan ranks on second to last place on the UN’s Gender Gap Report, right behind Yemen and Syria. So obviously the main part of the Pakistan society has not yet agreed with on the idea of equality of its citizens.

Islam has for various governments played an important role regarding the constitution and the political system of the country. Religion has been misused in order to fulfill ambitions of political legitimacy and power: “One mustn’t blame religion when it comes to politics.”

Mohsin Shafi, Until I discovered cooking
I was never really interested in politics


The art collector’s entrance and his library

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