Day 16 – All are abnormal people in this normal world

Transgressed, relegated to the fringe and often even murdered. Now, having recognised Transgender rights, the deeply religious and conservative country of Pakistan is spearhead to the cause, globally.

In Defences, an area originally established for military personnel by the army, we met Kami Sid in her producer’s studio grayscale. Kami is the first transgender women in the Muslim world to have played the role of a transgender character in a movie.

Rani, a short film directed by Hammad Rizvi, tells the story of the transgender woman Rani selling toys on the streets of Karachi. Her desire for motherhood and the inability to live the life she wants because of her gender is the central theme.

“For my mother, I was born a boy”, Kami shows the inked dedication on her arm

Kami Sid grew up with a supportive single mother raising eight children alone. She shares the story of discrimination against the Pakistani transgender community – stories of being victimized, disrespected, and being left with no endorsement whatsoever which lead to resorting to fend for themselves for survival.

Asia’s transgender community is still a subject of bias by a society that has never been inclusive. With Subrang SocietyKami’s organisation promotes rights for gender minorities to conquer the social and religious obstacles the community still has to face. Kami herself quotes courage and passion as her successful weapons.

Kami belongs to the khawaja sira community. The Khawaja banishes its members for being different from gender norms. Those individuals find shelter within the Guru-Chela system. The “Hijras” as they get called then earn their money as beggars, sex workers or dancers. Kami is positive that all the stereotypes can be broken, and the situation can chance for the better: „We just need visability.”

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  1. Keep the fight up with courage and passion as successful weapons. Show your beauty and keep being visible! An enrichment for all of our lives!

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