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Shahid Abdulla belongs to a group of experts working on a master plan for Karachi’s government to turn the city into a metropolis with a working infrastructure, an efficient public transport system, proper civic facilities with public parks and restored heritage buildings. He is one of the founders of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi and he is also its constructor with a very unsusual approch: „An art school can’t be designed“, he said. In saying this he shifted a more than 100 year old Nussarwanjee building from the Kharadar area of Karachi to Clifton.

"Moving Structure" 'The remarkable story behind building Pakis…

"Moving Structure"'The remarkable story behind building Pakistan's first art & architecture institute, IVS.'When the founders met to discuss building the architecture of IVS, an unusual idea was came up. Why not move an old building in Kharadar, which was ideal for an art school.The 100-year-old building belonged to a famous philanthropist & also the first mayor of Karachi. However, the idea of relocating a building from Kharadar to Clifton was considered 'mad'. This is a story about a few 'mad men', who undertook a seemingly impossible taskIncluding Interviews:AR SHAHID ABDULLAAR. SYED AKEEL BILGRAMIDR. JAWAID HAIDER – DEAN OF ACADEMICS IVSCreditsPRODUCER – AMMAR REHMANIDIRECTOR – AHSAN ALIPOST – BILAL SAGARCOLOR GRADE – SUFION LOCATION SOUND – KAMRAN SHAHNAWAZDRONE OPERATOR – ABBYASSISTANT DIRECTOR – EHTASHAM SHAHIDASSISTANT DIRECTOR – TALHA JAVEDGAFFER – ZIA UR REHMANCOORDINATOR – UMAIR KIRMANI© 2017 | Department of Fine Art – Film and Video Studio IVS.

Gepostet von Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture am Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

He has succeded in a most sensitive and innovative way and turned good old heritage into an art school campus that serves his own beliefs: Architects see every project as a problem and then they try to find ways on how to solve them. Shahid though looks out for potentials, selections, distinctions and origins. And that is what he reasons about when it comes to the country and to Karachi in particular.

Shahid supported The Hunar Foundation a non-profit organization working on solutions to the problems of livelihood for the youth offering quality vocational training. It needs reflection on the countries history and on one’s own ideas and belief to impose change. The country itself is the architect’s inspiration.

For Shahid the opportunities and options a country like Pakistan has is to meet its future requirement. Pakistan and Karachi do not need to compete with other metropolitan cities, it has enough potential to offer – rather see what they are and how to install them.

Just resently Pakistans Prime Minister Imran Khan has invited specialists coming  from achitecture up to city planning together with prominent businessmen to advice the government to resolving its trade-related issues. Shahid Abdullah again is one of them with a great belief in the man who currently leads the country.

Tubing a tree: out of ready made pipes Shahid Abdullah constructed the tree in his garden

Just for enjoyment, the most relaxing Pursukoon Chowk in Karachi’s old town Saddar

Nehr-e-Khayam is a drain – which now serves as a dump for the city’s sewage. Abdulla is determined to convert the place into a riverfront walkway for the public.

Bahria Icon Tower

Bakht Tower, Karachi


Nature and animals – the architects inspiration which led to a bookshelf

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