Who we are and why we are here

We, the artist couple Christina Zurfluh and Bernhard Frue, journalist Sabine Kienzer and graphic designer Veronika Illmer, visit Pakistan for the first time. In Karachi we are going to  meet in a situation characterized by relatively unknown religious, political, cultural and geographical realities.

With karachidiary – an artistic/journalistic blog – here, we reflect our encounters during 24 days where we target to visit 24 diverse people and locations recommended by people living or having lived in Pakistan from different walks of life. Our project is part of a residency program hosted by Vasl Artists‘ Association, an international network of artists and art organisations.

„Suddenly Pakistan – my life in the most dangerous city in the world“ is a book by German journalist Hasnain Kazim. We all read the book before leaving Vienna – ranked the most liveable city of the world 2018. Kazim though writes about the danger the world faces for Pakistan probably being one of the most dangerous nuclear power countries.

But also media warned and still do, our government has a so called part-warning put on its website, friends and family called us crazy to go there. Now, we obviously weren’t listening, and we are so happy and glad we didn’t.

Karachi is not frightening us, we are not permanently getting controlled nor do we have to face restrictions – on the contrary. Karachi is not what one would call a beautiful city. But its rickshaws are, the buses are, its trucks are, the food is … and Karachiites are – beautiful, bright, communicative, open-hearted … Well, you might just want to have a look yourself.



  1. Liebe Christina, lieber Bernhard,
    Das freut mich, dass Ihr uns in Euer Diary einbezogen habt.
    Hier offensichtlich die ersten Grüße aus Wien – solltet Ihr noch wissen oder noch daran interessiert sein, was und wo Wien ist.
    Freue mich schon auf Eure Berichte, und vor allem auf Eure künstlerischen Transfomationen Eurer Erlebnissen.
    Herzlichst Eva und Manfred

  2. Congratulations to the idea and the concept of your karachidiary! It looks most promising and will certainly give you – and hence also the readers of your blog – many deep insights into a world so different from ours. I am looking forward to learning something new every day and I wish you a successful stay in Pakistan!

  3. It makes me very happy to follow you on your fascinating cultural exchange trip, I participate with enthusiasm and I am looking forward to more enriching contributions from you. Big hug Ruth

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