During our residency with Vasl we travelled around the city, met people and created the blog that documents all our encounters. Anosha, Halima, Hassan, Hira, Javed, Khurram, and Razin have supported us  with research and schedule, took care and responsibility for our safety and sense of being. That allowed us to create this blog and an exhibition at the Canvas Gallery where finally art works produced in the spirit of the last five weeks during our stay will be show. We want to thank gallery owner Sameera Raja for offerering her most wonderful space and Adeela Suleman just simply for making everything possible and happen – we are most grateful.

from left to right: Halima, Razin, Hassan and Anosha at Vasl’s conference table

Halima Sadia / Creative Manager at Vasl / Graphic Designer

Halima works as the Creative Manager at Vasl Artists’ Association with an independent freelance practice since 2014. Her prominent projects include branding of the IAMKARACHI campaign & events in 2015, art direction & graphic design of the Karachi Biennale 2017 and design & execution of the Children’s Section of National History Museum by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan.  

Graphic Design and Art Direction of KB17, 2017

Branding of the IAMKARACHI campaign & event, 2015

Design & Execution of the Children’s Section of the National History Museum by the Citizens Archive of Pakistan, 2018

Hira Khan / Visual Artist / Project Coordinator

Hira Khan works as a Project Coordinator at Vasl Artists’ Association. Her artistic work focusses on sculpture where she experiments in materiality and form with concerns related to feminism and self-empowerment. Hira has displayed her work in multiple shows at various galleries and has been a resident artist at the Hollows Artspace, New York.

7 Targets, 2015

We Need to Talk, 2016

8 Targets, 2015

Anosha Zia / Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Anosha Zia She was part of the poster exhibition and workshop series, Jaanch Partaal | Pehlay Parkhiye, Phir Dijiye, curated by Vasl Artists’ Association. She has also worked at Habitt, overlooking campaign planning and management. Her illustrative work focuses on line and colour. Anosha currently works as a Graphic Designer at Vasl Artists’ Association.

Jaanch Partaal | Pehlay Parkhiye, Phir Dijiye

Razin Rubin / Visual Artist / Assistant Coordinator

Razin Rubin explored various mediums, her studio practice though focuses on miniature painting, drawing and photography. Rubin has exhibited her work in Pakistan as well as internationally. She is currently working as an Assistant Coordinator at Vasl Artists’ Association.

Elizabeth and the sisters, 2018, Graphite, carbon paper and fabric paint on mount board. 

Smile Please, 2018, Graphite, carbon paper and fabric paint on mount board

Smile Please, 2018, Graphite, carbon paper, charcoal and fabric paint on mount board

Hassan Mustafa | Finance Manager and Coordinator

Khurrum Shahzad and Patras Willayat Javed | Support Staff

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