Day 8 – Maoist in a Sari

Sheema Kermani performs the language of dance

Sheema Kermani is one of Pakistan’s most well-known dancers. The theater director and social activist, who quotes herself a Maoist, gave us immediate proof of the direct relationship between dance and liberation: „When a woman performs on stage she posts the message ,Here I am, not ashamed of my body, confident and I don’t fear you’.

In her past the classical dancer’s dedicated her work to the fight to end social injustice, through her work, in the archaic patriarchal society of Pakistan. Nowadays she wants to show future generation that dance is an art form with the potential to achieve peace, humility and beauty and is also an alternative platform for communication. As a matter of fact, Sheema decided to take up dancing in 1983 when General Zia-ul-Hag eradicated classical dance by women on stage, and installed Islamic anti-women laws instead.  Since that time discrimination against women in our society comes first on Kermani’s agenda: „Women have to find their places of dignity and respect.“


  1. What a wonderful blog and beautiful dance post today! Congratulations!! Love the combination of text and film, bringing the people you connect to far closer to us who are far away!

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